Thursday, 25 October 2012

Les Pingouins en francais...

Bonjour!  I had a very pleasant surprise this morning when my first co-edition of 'Five Christmas Penguins' arrived in the post.

This co-ed is in French and I think the French publisher 'Hemma' (no nor have I) has done a lovely job of translating the original text - and they have added some fun rhythmical touches such as ZIP! Oh! Oh! and Flon! Flon!

Here are some pictures of said co-ed, which is available in France, Belgium and even HERE on Amazon;

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good luck to my two little hounds in Frankfurt!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when Nosy Crow called to let me know I could pop in a grab a copy of the proof of 'Shifty McGifty'.

I was very nervous as, even though you have a pretty good idea how things are going to look, until you actually have it in your hands you don't know for certain - what are the colours like?  Is everything cropped to perfection?  Is there a spider on each page (very important!)

Well what can I say - Steph has done a wonderful job at creating a spangly, shiny and sleek cover with foil moon, stars, text and even the spiders silk - tricky to capture on a photograph as it looks so different under different light sources;

I'm not going to put photos up of all the spread but here is a sneaky peek at one of the spreads from the new Nosy Crow Frankfurt Book Fair (Fayre?) catalogue.

In this scene Shifty and Sam are attempting to make the best buns in town - and are getting very messy in the process!

I hope that the two little dogs go down well at Frankfurt - good luck woofers!