Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fashion in Children's Picture Books...

I was milling about the clothing emporiums of London town this week and spotted that, most fortunately, black and white burglar-stripes are rather in fashion this spring/summer - Shifty and Sam are VERY pleased about this.

Here are a few snaps of 'what I like to call' Shifty and Sam inspired articles of clobber - robber-clobber if you will;

Robber-dog Scarves

Robber-dog dresses, blousons, and blazers - Mary Berry would
rock one of these.

Robber dog 'SWAG' bag inspired sweatshirt.

Robber-dog 'vintage' T shirt - I was tempted by this but noted the rather plunging neck line - not for me.

What I would really like to see is a robber-dog Onesie - I shall keep my peepers peeled!

This made me ponder more about the influence of fashion on Children's book character design so my next post might have a little bit on that - I'd love to delve into it now but I'm a tad too busy this week.

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